Sunday, January 15, 2012

Members, Followers, & Creepers! Come One Come All!

Hey guys!

So...I know you guys are out there, stalking my blog on a daily basis...just kidding! But seriously, I know some people are looking at my blog because I have got almost 900 views, which is completely unbelievable! I can't believe so many of you guys care about my wedding that much!

That being said, I am a little sad that no one has commented on the posts (except for Amy on my dress pics! Thank you btw!) How can I know what you guys want me to write about if you don't comment?

Also, no one has become a member (except my Future-Step-Sister-In -Law Megan! lol! Thank you very much also!) I am definitely not feeling the love. </3

I want to know everything! Do you want more pictures, less talk? More talk, less pictures? Do you like it how it is now? Do you like the layout? Do you hate the layout? Do you not care about my wedding and just want me to stop blogging and posting it on Facebook? Do you have ideas about my theme you want to share? Or DIY projects you think I should try?

I really want to know!!!!!!!!! 

So please, help me out! Become a member, comment on the posts, and follow my blog!!!!

I will love you forever!

<3 Mrs. Baker


  1. You're welcome! I LOVE blogging! I have met some amazing women through my blog. You would be surprised how many women there are getting married & have a blog just like yours! Here's 3 of my favorite blogs that are all women planning weddings!

    You can also check out my blog

    to check out my blog list. Once you mess around & creep from blog to blog you will find soo many women out there getting married who have some awesome ideas!

  2. awesome! thanks for the links..i will def check them out!